Hi, I'm Dani, founder of Dani Mystique. I am a spiritual and holistic healing practitioner.

  • Danielle has the most authentic and compassionate way of connecting with you on a level that is honest and spirit given . It’s her ability to see through the confusion of a situation that is most helpful and would highly recommend this beautiful soul if your looking for clarity and proof of angel and spirit love and help

    - Anita Raddigan

  • Having my chakra treatment with Danielle was a fabulous calm experience.
    We started talking it through & then began the treatment.
    So much negativity was lifted from me & replaced with positive vibes. I felt so calm & relaxed afterwards.
    The positivity was in the universe as I received some fantastic surprising news straight after leaving her home 🌟

    - Sharon Luca Chatha

  • I've just had my second reading from Danielle, yet again spot on and just what I needed to hear.I don't know how she does it but this one brought a tear to my eye!

    -Hannah Lovell

  • I just received a beautiful reading from Dani this evening through messenger!!! she was spot on with what messages she had for me I would highly recommend Dani for a reading !!thanks again your a lady

    -Charlene Behan

  • I had danielle as a mentor for 3 months. She absolutely changed my life for the better. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I’ve had readings from her in this monitorship and everyone has been spot on. If your looking for a reading or guidance in your spiritual journey I strongly recommend danielle, such a wonderful woman and an amazing soul

    -Jemma Hayes

  • I had a soul session with Danielle, she was absolutely brilliant as well as really putting me at ease x

    -Lisa Martin