Awaken & Arise

Are you a Goddess / God who wants to awaken to the beautiful world of angels & spirit guides to open their up to life’s unlimited possibilities?



When we introduce & Awaken our spiritual side & gifts (we all have them) we are opening up to the beauty of our angelic being. Our true purpose, our calling, our alignment. 

Our spirit guides & angels are there to protect us, to share their guidance & to keep us safe. 

Many mistakenly think spirituality is a scary thing, and that it is sinned upon or work of the devil; this is not the case!

Working with your angels comes from Light,  Pure love and utter joy.

I can bring this to you.  Are you ready?



I will teach you:


💜 How to ground & protect yourself 
💜 Setting boundaries
💜 What is energy
💜 Remove blocks & remove negative energies 
💜 Are you empathic & how to keep yourself protected 
💜 What are the Clairs
💜 How your angels can help you
💜 Angel signs 
💜 Angel numbers 
💜 Meeting your spirit guide/s, connect to them and develop a relationship with them 
💜 Mastering meditation 
💜 Opening up & Closing your third eye 👁 
💜 Using cards 
💜 Trusting your intuition 
💜 Brief introduction to mediumship
+ more 

The doors are now open, are you ready? 



I am Danielle Michael, Founder of Spiritually Be.  Spiritually Be was an idea that I birthed to help & heal others with the use of crystals, and spiritual soul sessions. 

I am a Psychic Medium, spiritual mentor, and soon to be reiki healer & meridian psychotherapist.

I am always learning and educating myself so I can offer my clients more expertise advice. 



Are you ready?